E-1027 / A Lifeboat

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E-1027 / A Lifeboat
A film by Caecilia Tripp 2002 (Video Installation, 2 screens, 20min)

In 1924-1929 Eileen Gray, encouraged by Jean Badovici, built her manifesta of "habitat minumum", a sorte of "Lifeboat" architecture at the seaside in the south of France.

She named it E-1027 which is a code of Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, 'E' standing for Eileen, '10' Jean, '2' Badovici, '7' Gray, and a code of lovers.

The small villa was a perfect refuge for both exiled artists,
A continuious architecture of "becoming",
A continum of nomadic experience embraced by a sophistication of "camping" mobility as well as the possibility to isolate oneself from this world in order to develop oneself`s most profound deep inside architecture.

In the entrance is written "Entrez lentement" (come in slowly), which is followed by other surrealist inscriptions.

A friend of Badovici's, Le Corbusier who admires E-1027 and is its solely guest several times, not only "tags" without the permission of Eileen Gray a series of murals on its walls between 1937-39, but does not hesitate to publish his intrusion without naming Eileen Gray as the architect of the villa, so to become himself finally the "silent author" of E-1027.

In the film we see a small girl exploring its ruins in play, in switch with archival photographs taken by Eileen Gray herself surrounded by a phantomic soundscape.

E-1027 / A Lifeboat, 2002
Digital & super 8mm film
2 screens installation
Color & sound video, 15 min.