Boogie Man

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Boogie Man, 2008
Installation with black and white film 16 mm, without sound, 1'50

In front of palace of justice... facing Paris.

In the legend he is described as the phantom who brings nightmares to the children who have not obeyed... to frighten them.

On the plantations it was the bluesman addressing through riddles the injustice of the white master. In urban language nowadays he is the revolutionary figure of transgression. The one who does not justify himself for his claims nor for who he is. He is the one to reveal injustice and painful truth in all layers of society. Nothing can escape his eye. He is unsubdued like the music which accompanies him; be it the Delta blues (John Lee Hooker), Rock (Aerosmith, ACDC) or Rap (Mos Def): "I'm your Boogie Man..."

His gaze translates the duality of his imaginary existence: he incarnates the nightmare of lost souls and the one in defense of equity. His justice is without compromise.

Boogie Man, Caecilia Tripp, 2008
Installation with black and white film 16 mm, Mirror, without sound, 1'50
Collection Fond National d`Art Contemporain, Paris, France