Caecilia Tripp Artist, filmmaker & researcher

Using means of filmic Installation, photography as well as performance, Caecilia Tripp's work is entangled with the "play of the trickster". With references to cinematic codes using forms of "re-enactment" and "rehearsals" it emerges into the space of collective imagination as a space of transgression of social and cultural boundaries. Beyond geographical borders and with a critical eye it deals with forms of freedom, utopia and civil disobedience at the crossroads of globalization, shining a light on the invention of new languages, sounds, cultural codes and social imaginary as a permanent process of "making history".
Each project is the outcome of a participatory process, A “Poetics Of Relation”. (E. Glissant)

Caecilia Tripp has received several international grants representing a body of film and video installations, performance and photographic works from 1999 up to now, which has been shown internationally in galleries, museums such as PS1/MOMA New York / USA, Palais de Tokyo Paris /France, Jeu de Paume Paris / France, Museum of Modern Art, Paris / France, Zacheta Gallery Warsaw / Poland, De Appel, Amsterdam / Netherlands, Roomade, Bruxelles / Belgium, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow / Russia, Center Of Contemporary Arts, New Orleans / USA, Prospect Biennale 1, New Orleans / USA, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn New York / USA, Dakar Biennale, 7th Gwangju Biennale 2008, Gwangju / South Korea, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai/India and in Film Festivals such as MOSTRA 61Film Festival in Venice / Italy, Cannes / France 2005, Zebra Poetry Film Award in Berlin octobre 2006, Real Life Film Festival Ghana, West Africa, Athens Filmfestival, Greece, Atlanta, Urban Film Festival New York/USA, London among others.
THE MAKING OF AMERICANS 2004 won an award for the best experimental film at Cinema Paradise, Hawai / USA. It has screened at several international festivals and museum venues.